Hire a Ghost Writer BloggerBlogging is one of the most popular and successful ways to market and promote your company, as well as its products—but only if the content provided is informative and consistent. While many people who begin blogs think it’ll be a breeze to write clever and compelling copy, many overestimate the various facets involved in launching a blog, not to mention the time sink that content creation as well as maintaining the momentum a successful blog demands. Yes, it is the content writing portion that usually leads to a blog’s demise because—after trudging through website design and social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.—most beginning bloggers underestimate the pressure of producing constant content. After struggling to meet the daily demand necessary to capture audiences and encourage behavioral changes leading to regular patronage, these bloggers become discouraged and allow the posts to become irregular until they wane off completely, thus killing the blog.

To avoid this pitfall, you may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter; perhaps even a team of them, depending on how large of an editorial schedule you plan to have. Many people take the suggestion of needing a ghostwriter as an insult, but employing vocational bloggers isn’t about whether you yourself can produce professional content, but about clearing your plate for all the other aspects needed to run a successful high-traffic website. While you may have a natural talent for writing, ghostwriters are trained to meet deadlines with quick turnaround as well as navigate the SEO seas that utilize keywords and links to net traffic from other business websites.

Ghost bloggers are also helpful idea generators. You may have myriad ideas for a start-up, but as the demands of a successful business increases, there will be less time for further creative regeneration. Ghost bloggers familiar with your content strategy can help take over the reins and provide fresh brainstorming.

Experts in the content marketing field have been assessing the effectiveness of contemporary marketing strategies, and have found that globally 9 out of 10 companies engage in creating branding content, but are not crafting it. Experts conclude that most web content is ineffective because the output ignores the importance of the company brand’s story. Absent storytelling can be attributed to the lack of three things: strategy, focus, and accountability. These elements all suffer because the time needed to birth and nurture them is either unallocated or nonexistent. By hiring ghost bloggers, you will have more time to be able to develop a thorough content plan for them to follow, to objectively critique and evaluate the material (thus ensuring a focused and unified voice), and to manage the content’s dissemination and mediation through social media. In other words, you will have more luxury to develop a reflective rather than a reactive internet presence that will attract a loyal and reoccurring audience.

by Selena C.