White Papers

A well-crafted white paper can state your position in the market and generate leads.

A white paper is an authoritative document written with a target audience in mind, often used to present a solution to a need or an answer to a problem. A white paper can be a persuasive article that doubles as a pre-sales marketing pitch for a particular product or service. It can also be a comprehensive case study used for lead generation. Whatever the case, a successful white paper is an educational, practical document that delivers useful information to a targeted audience.

If it’s unique, complex, or expensive, a white paper can help you sell your idea to the market.

Brochures and sell sheets are often graphics-heavy and offer little space for written content; typically only 200-300 words in all. So, when a new idea or a product is somewhat complex, and there is a need to clarify the company position in great detail, a white paper may be the best marketing strategy. The average white paper is 6-8 pages in length, about 2,500-3,500 words, and written in a somewhat academic tone and voice. The format of a typical white paper is somewhere between a technical manual and an essay, but every white paper must strike a balance between being easy to read and being informative enough to sell a complex idea.

As a B2B product or service marketing tool, white papers are an excellent content marketing choice for when an organization wishes to educate prospective customers, generate leads for the sales team, and build credibility in a market or industry. White papers are also a great content marketing tool for responding to product offerings by competitors.

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