Web Content

Website content should address the needs of your readers, answer their questions, and encourage action.

Your website is a sales and marketing tool that works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As such, the content on your website has a primary function: addressing the expected needs of your prospective customers. Your website content should answer their likely questions, educate them about your business products or services, tell them about your company, and direct them to act by encouraging them to dial a phone number, fill out a form, or send an email. Website content should be written with these purposes in mind. Anything less is bound to result in disappointing returns for your web marketing investment.

Your website is often the first impression prospective customers have of your business.

In the next 60 seconds, there will be 3.5 million Google searches performed, and 75% of the resulting web traffic will go to websites listed on the first page of the search engine results.

If your website has fresh, engaging content that is highly relevant to searcher needs, it will perform better in search engine results than websites that are static and unimaginative. Additionally, searchers looking for products or services related to your market have high expectations for the content they hope to find on your web pages. They come to your website with questions in mind: Who are you? What does your company do? How can you help me? How do I get in touch?

Considering that 88% of Internet users browse or research products and services online prior to making a buying decision, the value of professionally-written website copy cannot be overstated.

At KCWMS, we place a high value on the website content discovery process. As such, we take all the necessary time to conduct interviews and perform research before we begin writing copy for your pages. Some of the questions we ask our clients are related to the reason and purpose for each web page, as well as the tone, voice, composition, vocabulary (including SEO keywords), and point of view that is expected to help connect with your prospective clients online.

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