Social Media Messaging

Social media is the platform for building relationships and maintaining an open dialogue.

The days of doctors making house calls and the clerk down at the corner store knowing you by your first name are long gone. Even so, people are still looking for that personal touch when they do business. In this digital age, social media is your best chance of making that personal connection with your existing customers, reaching new ones, building your brand, increasing awareness, developing word-of-mouth advertising, and improving customer loyalty.

The key word in social media is “social,” and a successful social media campaign requires a different approach than other kinds of marketing. That’s where KCWMS content development comes in…

A successful social media campaign begins with written content.

Social media comes down to two parts: content and interaction. The interaction aspect may be what makes social media unique, but to start the conversation off right, you need to begin with the right content. At KCWMS, our social media campaigns are built on content that aligns with your business goals, composed by skilled writers to ensure the correct voice and tone.

Our system lets us create as many posts as you want—one a day, five a day, two hundred a month, or more if the need is there, and across multiple platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are the “big four” in social media, of course, but new contenders are always competing for pieces of the social media pie. We understand the nature of all the popular social media sites, and use them to your advantage, doing whatever it takes, such as scheduling your posts in advance for specific post dates and during high-traffic times. With a planned social media campaign from KCWMS, you can build your brand and increase customer loyalty while promoting products, services, and specials as they happen, and tying-in to newsworthy events in real time.

Contact KCWMS today and let our content experts help you create a well-rounded social media plan that will help build your business and make your customers feel connected.