Reputation Management

Your reputation is your brand: the total sum of customer experience and public opinion.

A proper reputation management campaign is an effort to reduce the presence of negative press in search engine results pages by increasing the amount of positive news and information available online. This type of reputation management strategy is achieved by hiring a content development company with competencies in search engine marketing—such as KCWMS—to strategize and execute an appropriate response to negative online press.

Positive web content has the power to change negative public perceptions.

The practice of public relations has moved to the web, where many types of web content and search marketing strategies can be utilized to positively impact relationships between businesses and their communities, as well as restore reputations by facilitating a change in the types of news and information that appear in search engine results. If you are troubled by what you see when you “Google” your name or business, a reputation management campaign may help protect or restore your brand image.

KCWMS helps businesses and individuals who are struggling with negative publicity by writing and publishing positive news, stories, articles, bios, and press releases on websites, microsites, blogs, and third-party article sites. In the end, the expected outcome of any legitimate reputation management campaign is to affect a positive change in the content shown in the search engine results pages.

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