Press Releases

No single piece of web marketing has more reach than a well-crafted press release.

A press release is a written communication that has the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of analysts, journalists, bloggers, and consumers. Press releases are typically news items, written in a manner that makes it easy for media channels to consume and utilize. Written with artfully-crafted language, and choice words, a press release is also a search engine-friendly tool for creating Internet buzz and driving traffic to your website.

Every business has news.

Many news items are worthy of a press release. Perhaps you’re introducing a new product or service, forming a strategic partnership, celebrating a company anniversary or milestone, or participating in a philanthropic event. In any of these cases, and many more, your news has the power to draw interest from the media and the public. Knowing this, KCWMS writes press releases with your communication needs, branding interests, and search engine optimization in mind.

KCWMS also offers press release distribution services. Top news sites such as Yahoo News and Google News will pick up your news story. It will be sent to newspapers such as USA Today and The New York Times. It will be distributed via RSS. It will be emailed to thousands of news subscribers. And, most importantly, it will show up in search engine results.

A press release written and distributed by KCWMS also comes with data feedback. On average, a properly-formatted press release distributed through the right online channels can result in thousands of media deliveries, news feed impressions, full-page reads, online pickups, and interactions.

Contact KCWMS today and get your news seen by thousands.