Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is one of the strongest ways to promote your business.

The value of a business card, a product brochure, or even a handful of sell sheets in a pocket folder is immeasurable. Printed marketing collateral pieces help to create brand and product awareness and generate sales. Marketing collateral pieces are also an excellent medium for promoting a company message and mission. The written content on each piece of marketing collateral serves to generate interest in products and services, as well as to encourage prospects to act by dialing a phone number, filling out a form, or sending an email. As a sales tool in the field, printed marketing collateral pieces are second only in terms of personal impact to a human voice and a handshake.

Most businesses need brochures, product sell sheets, and media kits to promote their brand.

Although the digital age has dramatically changed the way companies market their products and services, printed marketing collateral remains an essential business asset. Clients you meet in person expect to be handed something they can take back to their office. Business cards alone are a critical point of connection between a sales person and a prospective client, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Companies of all sizes need printed marketing materials to help them explain how their products and services work, and what they bring to the table. But, printed marketing collateral that succeeds in this respect does so only when specific goals are defined and the interests of the market are identified.

KCWMS can plan and write marketing collateral that presents your brand and message in a language that is clear, concise, and compelling. Ask us about what we can do for your business in terms of content for articles or advertorials, business cards, case studies, data sheets, direct mail pieces, e-books, executive bios, media kits, newsletters, product brochures, sell sheets, white papers, and more.

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