Third-Party-Site Articles

Article links pointing to your website are an asset to your search engine marketing strategy.

A link-building article, which is often known as a guest post article, is a content marketing piece written for a third-party website. The main purpose of a guest post article is to help you build reputation and authority in a market or industry. At the same time, a link-building article is a legitimate strategy for generating links to your business website.

Successful link-building campaigns make use of well-written articles from a trusted source.

With the changes that have been made to leading search engine algorithms—changes that have greatly reduced the value of poorly-written, spammy content—the rules governing link-building strategies have also changed. In designing a successful link-building campaign around an ongoing series of guest posts at third-party websites, it’s essential to develop topics and articles that offer value to the intended market. At the same time, it’s important to identify online communities that will be receptive to your opinions and comments.

In other words, your link-building strategy will be successful if you contribute valuable content to targeted online communities. The result of a well-designed link-building campaign will be the creation of authority, relevancy, and trust with the search engines, as well as greater visibility and exposure in the markets you target.

KCWMS can design and develop a link-building campaign of guest blog posts for your company, writing on topics that are deemed valuable to your target audience. KCWMS can also identify online communities and place your articles where they will be most useful to your link-building campaign needs. Each link-building article will include a byline associating your name with your work, as well as link to your website and social media profiles.

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