Blog Articles

Blog articles are the most valuable type of content marketing.

A website without a blog is static and disconnected from a dynamic and evolving web environment. Blogs serve to draw targeted traffic, inform site visitors of company or industry news, promote special offers, support product launches and product updates, and so much more. As the core of any social media strategy, a blog can be many things, but more than anything else, a blog is a framework for volumes of keyword-rich content that reaches out to readers and opens a dialogue about your business in a voice and a language that’s easy for your clients to understand.

Blogging works best when it’s consistent and purposeful.

Blog articles offer business websites a unique opportunity to lure readers with rich, relevant, and useful content. As an added bonus, content on a blog is 100% visible to search engines. As such, blogging should be a scheduled activity. Depending on the size of your business, one blog a week or, at very least, two blogs a month should be sufficient. In a highly-competitive market, more frequent blog articles keep the lines of communication open with readers. At the same time, frequent blogging draws the attention of the search engine “bots” and often results in higher placement for your site in search engine results pages.

Did you know? According to research performed by Search Engine Journal, businesses that regularly add blog articles to their company website have 434% more indexed pages. And, companies with more indexed pages get a greater number of leads than their non-blogging competitors.

KCWMS writes blog articles that are informative and engaging, yet remain ever-mindful of business purposes. We’ve written thousands of pages of blog content for a wide variety of industries and markets across the U.S. and abroad. And, we provide agency support!

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