KCWMS LogoOLATHE, KS — KCWMS, a content marketing and strategy services company specializing in website content, blog articles, whitepapers, social media messaging, case studies, and more, celebrated its 10-year anniversary in Kansas City at the end of 2016.

“We’re grateful to have reached this milestone,” said Steve Scearce, Founder and Chief Content Strategist for KCWMS. “Over the last decade, we’ve written for nearly every market and industry. We got our start working on digital marketing and SEO projects for the medical and dental industries, but we’ve since touched on everything from law firms to real estate, arts and entertainment, commercial security, finance, shipping, self-storage, software, politics, energy, schools, charities, and so much more. It has been an incredible experience, and we’re looking forward to the next ten years and beyond.”

Over the last decade, KCWMS has worked with businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to multinational, multibillion dollar companies, as well as providing agency support for some of the top digital marketing, SEO, and paid search advertising teams in the Kansas City area. Originally founded by four graduate students at Baker University, the company that would become KCWMS started out offering a broad range of digital marketing services before finding its métier by focusing on content marketing and development, with agency support as a particular area of expertise.

“It’s not easy for an agency to build a content team in-house, especially when you need one that has many different voices to support numerous different clients,” said Scearce. “We serve as a valued content strategy partner to our agency contacts, providing the kinds of insight and ideas that you can only get from developing unique content every day for the better part of a decade.”

In order to keep up with the challenges of content development for so many different markets and industries, KCWMS has cultivated a team of professional writers from every region of the United States—as well as some abroad—that are able to affect the right voice, tone, perspective, style, and vocabulary to speak to the varied target audiences of their many clients. “We approach every piece of writing as if it is actually going to be read by the intended audience, not just as a bunch of keywords,” said Scearce. “In addition, all of our writers understand that content marketing is about more than keyword phrases, links, and a call to action. Story is important, information is important. The best way to create engaging content is to focus on entertaining, educating, and provoking an emotional response in the reader.”

KCWMS has its offices in Olathe, Kansas and has worked with businesses and writers across the country and around the world, but Steve Scearce, a Kansas City native, says that he considers KCWMS a Kansas City company, and that he is proud to have worked with almost every major advertising and marketing agency in the region. KCWMS was recently nominated for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Annual Small Business of the Year Award, also known as the “Mr. K Award,” named for the late Kansas City entrepreneur Ewing M. Kauffman.


KCWMS is a content marketing group that specializes in researching, writing, and editing written content for websites, blogs, press releases, pay-per-click ad campaigns, and other marketing collateral. The company provides keyword research and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) as part of their content development services. They have been providing content strategy and development support to businesses and agencies since 2006.