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“Finding the right content partner in KCWMS helped make Sweet Spot Marketing a success, especially in how we were able to leverage their written content and put it to use for the benefit of our many SEO clients. We probably went through a dozen freelance writers before discovering KCWMS. I can easily say that we appreciate their creativity and guidance, as well as their complete professionalism during client-facing meetings and presentations. Their advice and ideas are always honest and valuable. KCWMS pulls every content project through to the finish line with time to spare. We couldn’t be happier with the expertise and service they continue to provide our company.”

—David Barnes, Sweet Spot Marketing

“Reliable, accurate, timeless text with the perfect tone for the sites we create is a must and KCWMS has it down pat. Content needs to perform and the team at KCWMS has never disappointed. Worth every penny.”

—Scott Schaper, Unravel

“We worked with KCWMS to develop a series of white papers meant to engage our hard to reach audiences in several medical practice verticals. KCWMS was an active partner in all phases of this content development project. Our initial strategic planning meetings yielded a wide variety of topical concepts to choose from. The subsequent content that KCWMS created was perfectly on point, and also easy to re-package, extending the value of our investment. KCWMS will be our first choice for content development partnership.”

—AnnMarie Wills, Allied Media

“DK4 Online has utilized the KCWMS writing team for numerous web and marketing projects over the years. Their use of prose can make the most mundane product or service sound appealing. With their knowledge of on-page SEO, their copy not only reads well but is also poised for producing results. KCWMS brings a wealth of ideas and insight to the table, making them a real value to our company and clients.”

—Davin Kaiser, DK4 Online

“KCWMS has played an indispensable role in providing strong, marketing-driven, keyworded content for client websites. They exhibited unmatched ability to evaluate client needs and match those needs with professionally written content tailored specifically to SEO strategies and PPC campaigns. KCWMS possesses an exceptional ability to manage content for a variety of blogs ranging across equally varied industries. They always bring a great attitude and unmatched wordsmithing abilities to the table. If smooth process and content that performs as promised is a key performance indicator for you or your group, I would not hesitate to recommend KCWMS.”

—Art Director Patrick Banta

“KCWMS is an outstanding team of writers, and where they really set themselves apart is in their ability to understand client needs. KCWMS works with clients to craft content that conveys a precise message and voice they’re looking for. I am so thankful I have found an honest, high-quality content developer to work with.”

—Josh Eliseuson, Jubilant Digital Marketing