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Why our work in content marketing matters to businesses.

Content marketing is considered the single most effective SEO tactic for businesses in competitive markets. According to marketing, media, and business experts across the nation, over 85% of B2C and B2B marketers are using content marketing to reach their target audiences.

Content marketing is essential to businesses. In 2014 alone, it is estimated that over $115 billion will be spent on content marketing and social media. Why is this? Because consumers are constantly discovering new ways to find and share information online about the products and services that matter to them. They value quality content and often share what they find through their social networks. This is especially true of blog articles, infographics, and websites that attract searchers by offering content that is relevant to their interests. For businesses looking to capitalize on this unique opportunity, developing a content marketing plan that places a high value on web-related content is advisable. There is an initial investment, of course, but the return on your web content marketing investment is more measurable than with many other advertising mediums.

How we work with our clients.

When speaking to clients during the initial consultation and discovery process, we make every effort to understand the purpose and expected outcomes of their individual content marketing and development needs. Therefore, when we approach a new piece of written content for a client, we are keenly aware of the reason for each written page, as well as the necessary tone, voice, composition, vocabulary (including SEO keywords), and point of view. With this critical information in hand, we’re able to ensure that the written content is relevant to target audiences and results in optimum value to our clients.


There are many differences between cheap written copy bought from content farms that operate outside the U.S. and professionally-written content from KCWMS. The most significant difference is often readability, or the ease in which the content can be read and understood.

At KCWMS, all our written content is meant to conform to your business purposes, as well as the needs of your target audience. We have a great amount of respect for the conventions of standard written English, as well as the interests and expectations of the readers.

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