Our Team

One of our greatest strengths is in the diverse nature of our writers.

Our clients often tell us how amazed they are with the quality of the web content, blog articles, press releases, and other writing they receive from our company. Many are astounded by how quickly we can develop a well-crafted, well-researched, detailed piece of writing. We enjoy receiving this kind of feedback. Who wouldn’t?

Although there are many content development or content marketing companies across the globe, KCWMS is unique. First off, all our writers are American-born citizens and native English speakers. For our clients, this means that the writing we produce for them conforms to the conventions of standard written English, in terms of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and composition.

Note: We do have access to professional writers in Canada, across the U.K., and in Southeast Asia.

Another unique aspect of KCWMS comes from the fact that we utilize writers who bring a variety of skills and competencies to our company. There aren’t many content development companies out there that have writers with such a diverse professional background. Our team is made up of authors, bloggers, journalists, editors, publishers, fiction and non-fiction novelists, writing instructors, academics, and technical writers.

Our skills and competencies:

A number of our writers are professional web marketers with a background in search engine optimization, keyword research and usage, brand management, and social media. Some of our team members are marketing communications professionals with agency and client-side experience. Most of our writers have publishing credentials and regularly attend writer’s conferences around the country and the world. All of our writers understand perspective, tone, and voice, and have a talent for employing each expertly in order to get a message across to an identified target market in a language that’s natural and easy to understand.

We’ve often told our clients that our team can craft expertly-written content around any topic for any market or industry. And, given the thousands of pages we’ve written for hundreds of satisfied businesses, we’re pretty sure we’re not exaggerating.

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