KCWMS has been in the content development and copywriting business for many years. In that time, we’ve heard all kinds of questions. Here are the answers to a few of the most common inquiries we receive from our clients.

What is content marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” But what does that mean for you? Simply put, the old ways of advertising are no longer as effective as they once were, and content marketing is a way to put your product, service, or brand in front of the right people, in a way that’s useful to them and encourages investment and engagement. Blog articles, web pages, infographics, and more are all tools that KCWMS can use to help you meet your content marketing goals.

Why should our business or our clients invest in content for their websites and blogs?

Maybe the most fundamental question we get asked, and one with a whole lot of answers. What it comes down to is that dynamic, insightful, well-written content pays off big dividends in search engine rankings, click-throughs, conversions, and client confidence. High-quality content generates 3 times more leads and costs 62% less than traditional marketing, and 61% of consumers say they feel better about and are more likely to buy from companies that deliver custom content. Content is an important element in search engine optimization (SEO) and in building a relationship with your clients and potential clients. Simply put, investing in superior content today will more than pay for itself down the road.

Is there enough unique content on our website or blog?

That’s an excellent question. The short answer is that it’s tough to have too much unique content. If your site has only a few pages and no blog (or a blog that hasn’t been updated in a while), you should probably invest in some additional content. And if you’ve borrowed content from any other sources for your web pages, then chances are those pages are negatively impacting your search engine visibility. All that copy needs to be rewritten from scratch if you want to improve your standing in search rankings.

How do you decide what is valuable to our readers and potential clients?

Another excellent question… and one that sometimes seems like it doesn’t have a very clear answer. After all, the value of content can be difficult to accurately measure. Web analytics can give you a start, but they can’t really tell you how well the content resonates with readers. We think that the best approach to designing and developing content that speaks to your readers is to start by answering the questions that so often arise in conversations with clients.

What is your writing approach?

We believe that there’s never a “one size fits all” solution to content development, so when it comes to your writing project, our first job is to get to know you, your brand, product, message, and voice. Once we understand that, as well as the aims of your project and the needs of your target audience, we can craft content that elevates your image and encourages action from your audience.

How does search engine optimization figure into the content you develop?

There’s a saying in SEO circles that “content is king,” but that’s only true when the content is designed with SEO considerations in mind. On-page SEO is a crucial element of our content development approach, especially when it comes to websites and blogs. We can work with your SEO team to identify the keywords and phrases that will attract the attention of search engines as well as your prospective clients. And since we work with some of the best digital marketing agencies in the country, we can also recommend a top search engine optimization pro for your project. All you need to do is fill out our contact form and let us know what you need.

How much experience do you have in my field?

We’ve written for just about every market and industry, but we will never claim to know your business. You know your business, we know writing—and the value of dynamic, high-quality content in marketing, SEO, and communications. That’s why our team will work closely with you to determine the best approach for your business before, during, and after the writing process.

Do you have a preferred style guide?

We can write using The Chicago Manual of Style or AP Style or almost any other format, but the most important thing that we keep in mind is what your readers expect to see on the page. We’re big believers in natural language, especially when it comes to writing blog articles. Blogs are unlike many other forms of written content, in that they’re often seen as the beginning of an informal conversation on a topic, rather than the final word. The language, tone, and vocabulary may vary from blog to blog, but in this Internet-savvy age, most readers expect a voice that is at once well-informed but not too formal.

How much does your writing service cost?

Because each project is unique, with its own level of complexity and its own demands—especially in terms of research and post-production—we work on a project-to-project basis. If you’re curious about what your next content project will cost, just fill out our contact form and ask us for a quote!

Do you offer other writing services offered that aren't listed on this site?

Absolutely. Whether it’s ad copy, advertorials, brochures, case studies, company or executive bios, e-books, magazine articles, media kits, news articles, product data sheets, professional letters, sell sheets for sales staff, scripts for YouTube videos, or talking points for speeches, if it’s in writing, we can take care of it for you.

Who owns the copy you write for us?

You do. Once we’ve written something for you it’s yours to do with as you will, forever.

Do you build websites?

We don’t, but we know lots of talented designers and developers who can help you with your web development project. Fill out our contact form and ask us for a referral!

How do you manage client communication and collaboration—especially when providing agency support?

Believe it or not, the set-up portion of any content project is relatively quick and painless, and as a content company with a long history of providing agency support, we can play a variety of roles in the process. For many content development jobs, we find it useful to start off with a meeting or conference call with the project leads to discuss the particulars and get everything off on the right foot.

Can we see a writing sample?!

Absolutely. We can show you samples of our work from a variety of different markets and industries. Chances are, we’ve already written something in a field similar to yours! Fill out a brief contact form and ask us for a sample of our writing!

What do you need from us to get started?

We get this one a lot, and the answer is surprisingly simple: We just need your input. Let us know what it is that you want your content to do for you, and give us access to the people in your company or agency who can tell us about your products and services. We also need your input in post-production. Don’t be stingy with the red pen. After we send over a draft, tell us what’s not quite right so we can make it perfect for you going forward.

Who is KCWMS and what's your story?

KCWMS is a company of writers, authors, bloggers, journalists, marketers, and search engine optimization experts. The company had its start in 2006 as a bespoke web development and web marketing business that catered to the professional services market. After a few years in the web development business, it became clear to company founders that open source, theme-based website publishing platforms such as WordPress were the future of web development, and that there was a need for content services in support of web marketing activities for businesses and agencies. In 2009, the company changed its name to KCWMS and started offering a complete line of content development services. We’ve been doing just that ever since.